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Family sorting out waste for recycling

Supporting a Circular Economy with effective Waste Management

What we do with the waste we create in our day-to-day lives is a matter of considerable importance. For instance, according to figures released in May 2023, the European Union produces over 2.2 billion tonnes of waste every year. That’s the equivalent of about 22,000 fully loaded US aircraft carriers.…

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Packing tape dispenser, scissors on the cardboard box.

How UK Waste Reforms Will Impact Your Businesses

Managing our waste has become an increasingly important part of our domestic and commercial lives over the last 20 or so years. But the need to do even more if we’re going to reach the goal of Net Zero is becoming ever more apparent. As a result, the government is…

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Abandoned Mattress and Couch

What are the main sources of Persistent Organic Pollutants?

Pollution and hazardous waste come in many forms these days, and as one of the leading companies collecting and safely disposing of all kinds of hazardous waste in and around Essex and Suffolk, we come across much of it on a regular basis. An increasing problem across the globe is…

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recycling bins in a office

The Importance of Regular Waste Collections for Businesses

We’re all used to regular, scheduled waste collections at our homes. For many of us, that might be general waste one week with the recycling bin and perhaps garden waste the next. Without that knowledge, we might easily miss a collection, our bins could overflow and the whole area could…

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Different Types of Trade Waste

When you first look at the website of a specialist waste management company such as CSH Environmental, you may find all the different categories of waste somewhat overwhelming. After all, isn’t waste just…well, waste? The short answer is no. As we do everything we can to ensure the waste we…

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Types of Hazardous Waste

Safe and responsible disposal of all kinds of waste is a key consideration for licensed operators such as CSH Environmental. That’s especially the case when it comes to disposing of hazardous waste, which could otherwise pose a serious risk to humans, animals and/or the environment. But what exactly is classified…

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Different Types of Waste

The days when we just threw all our waste into one bin and waited for it to be carted away to be tipped into landfill are long gone. As we have become increasingly aware of the effects of the consumer and industrial societies on an overpopulated planet, it has become…

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Overloading a Skip: The Risks, Dangers and How to Avoid Them

When you hire a skip – whether it’s to get rid of unwanted belongings after a garage or loft clearance, soil and other green waste after a garden renovation, or bricks and rubble after more substantial home refurbishment – there are a number of things you need to think about. This…

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The Most Popular Skips in the World

For many people, skips are mundane items barely worth a second glance. For others, known as skip divers, they’re a source of hidden treasures of all kinds that can even be used to fill a home. Then there are those of us for whom skips form a large part of…

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Skip Hire Vs. Grab Lorry – Which is Better?

When you’re planning a major building or renovation project, one of the most important things you need to consider is how you’re going to get rid of the resulting waste. The best options are usually hiring either a skip or a grab hire truck.  You may be wondering which is…

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Recycled Art: From Junk to Masterpiece

There are many ways to recycle what someone else has thrown away. You can, of course, turn everyday waste such as metal, glass and plastics into new versions of the same. You can repurpose things – for example, by making furniture or landscaping your garden out of old pallets and…

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A Guide to Recycling Paint

When it comes to doing a bit of decorating at home, it’s very rare that you manage to buy the exact amount of paint that you need. That’s not a problem with white emulsion, because we always need more of that.  But what if you’ve bought a special colour for…

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Strangest Things Found in Skips

Usually, skips are full of as uninteresting a collection of things as you could imagine. Rubble. Garden waste. Recently dismantled kitchens. Rubbish, basically. You might find the odd useful thing every now and then, but nothing particularly noteworthy – it’s just that some people are happy to make best use of…

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How To Identify Asbestos

As perhaps the best known and most prevalent hazardous waste we are likely to come across, it seems hard to believe that asbestos was only fully banned in the UK in 1999. Especially when you consider that some of its effects on the lungs were first identified in the 1920s,…

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A Guide to Battery Recycling

There are a lot of batteries in our lives these days, probably more than you might at first think. Take a few minutes to work out just how many you have in your own home.  First off, every laptop, tablet or mobile phone you or your family own has a…

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Everything You Need to Know About Skip Diving, Junk Hunting and Freeganism

If you’re having a major clear out of your home, office or business, chances are you’re going to be wanting to get rid of a lot of things. Probably far too much to fit into the back of the average car to take down to the local recycling centre. In…

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How to Dispose of Bricks, Soil & Rubble

Gone are the days when bricks, soil and rubble left over from a major building or gardening project could just be dumped into landfill and be done with. Quite apart from all the ethical concerns, since 1996 a landfill tax has been in place, which from April 2021 will increase…

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The History of Recycling

“The transformation of waste is perhaps the oldest preoccupation of man.” Patti Smith Patti Smith might have been being a bit optimistic about recycling’s history when she included this line in her poem/song ‘High on Rebellion’, but she was right in one respect, and that is that recycling in one…

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Loading skip onto CSH Environmental truck

What happens to Skip Waste?

There are several things to think about when you’re deciding which company to hire a skip from. Cost is inevitably going to be a consideration, as will how fast the skip can be both delivered and taken away again. After all, nobody wants a skip full of rubbish sitting outside…

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Can I still hire a skip during lockdown?

If your area has been affected by the current lockdown, you might be wondering if you’re still able to hire a skip? The answer is yes, you can! And with all this extra time we have at home, you might be tempted to have a clearout so you can finally…

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