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Help Us Support Essex Young Farmers With Our Recycling Campaign

Help Us Support Essex Young Farmers With Our Recycling Campaign

Here at CSH Environmental, we’re committed to making good use of the waste we collect from all sources – our latest figures show that over 99.8% of the waste we collected in 2023 went for recycling or for creating green energy.

Each year, we work with Essex Young Farmers Club (EYFC) to improve the amount of agricultural waste being reused and recycled while also raising much needed resources for local branches.

We’re now proud to launch this year’s recycling campaign.


Who Are Essex Young Farmers Club?

Essex Young Farmers Club is the local branch of a national farming charity designed to inspire youth and create a community in farming for learning and support and growth. It isn’t just for farmers – it’s for any 16-28 year olds who live and work in agricultural and rural communities. The club gives its members the opportunity to meet like-minded people, develop skills, work to support their communities and much much more.


How CSH Environmental supports EYFC

Traditionally, much of the waste generated in the agricultural industry – such as cardboard packaging and woven PP bulk bags – has been sent to landfill rather than being collected for recycling. Our campaign is designed to promote a more eco-friendly approach to dealing with agricultural waste while also raising funds for EYFC.

The scheme is very simple: as we recover certain waste materials from local farmers for recycling, we’ll make a donation to EYFC to help them support rural communities in our county.

The waste materials that are included in this scheme are:

  • Cardboard packaging
  • Clean or washed chemical cans and agricultural containers
  • Fertiliser and seed bags (PP woven sacks)

These are the materials that count towards the campaign, but we’re also keen to support you with your wider waste management needs, so don’t forget to ask about how else we can help.

What happens to the recycled waste?

The cardboard packaging and PP woven sacks that we collect are used to manufacture more of the same, eliminating the need for using virgin materials to make these vital resources.

The chemical cans collected can be used for a wide variety of purposes, including manufacturing parts and even garden furniture. Last year, we turned waste agricultural containers into 10,000 branded pint pots that were sold at the bar on show day – thus helping to raise even more money for EYFC!


Where does the money go?

When you join the scheme, you can pick which branch of EYFC you’d like to support. Then, for every ton of the qualifying waste we collect from you, we’ll make a donation to that branch.

In 2023, we were delighted to raise about £12,800 for Essex Young Farmers Club through this innovative scheme.

How to get involved

On Tuesday 27th of February 2024, we’re hosting an open evening in conjunction with Essex Young Farmers Club to officially launch this year’s campaign. All club members and all registered farmers in Essex are invited to attend the event, which is also supported by agricultural dealers Tuckwells (who are also sponsors of this year’s YFC show) and Ernest Doe.

Hot food and drinks will be available and visitors will be able to operate a variety of machines, see what happens to their waste and ask any questions they might have about the campaign and our work.

The event is taking place at our site at:

Packards Lane

If you’d like to find out more about the recycling campaign then please email

To book your place at the launch event, please contact Essex Young Farmers Club.

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