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Skip Hire Frequently Asked Questions

Skip Hire Frequently Asked Questions

If you need to hire a skip for any sized project, find out what skip size you’ll need or are wondering what can I recycle, why not contact our friendly team for advice and a competitive quotation.

How big a skip you need will inevitably depend on how much waste you’re going to be needing to get rid of. We offer a wide range of skip sizes from small 2 yard skips (1.2m long by 0.91m wide by 0.76m high) up to our largest 40 yard skips (6.1m long by 2.25m wide by 2.69m high). As a very rough guide, multiply the yard size by 10 and the skip will be able to hold the equivalent of that many filled bin bags, so:

  • a 7 yard skip can hold up to about 70 filled bin bags
  • a 12 yard skip can hold up to about 120 filled bin bags
  • a 40 yard skip can hold up to about 400 filled bin bags

Contact us to discuss skip hire and we’ll be able to advise you as to the most suitable size.

The price will depend on what skip size you need, how long you need it for and whether you need a permit to have it placed on the public highway. Certain kinds of waste may also incur extra charges.

If you do not have room on your property, we will usually leave it on the road outside. A permit is required to leave a skip on a public highway, but we can arrange that for you if you prefer. If your skip needs to go on the road outside your property, please ensure no one is parking there when we come to deliver it.

If you have a driveway on your property, we will usually leave the skip there. However, for bigger projects that are likely to generate large amounts of heavy waste, we recommend leaving the skip on the road, as your driveway could easily get damaged.

Lots of different items that can be recycled and put in a skip, these include: Bricks, rubble, hardcore, soil and all kinds of garden waste can be disposed of in your skip, so that should cover most of your building and gardening projects. If you’re having an internal clearout, we can take furniture, plastics, metal, wood, carpets, rugs and other furnishings, although we can’t take any electrical items (see below). You can put paint in a skip, but only if it has first been solidified.

Things that can’t go into the skip include electric equipment, tyres and plasterboard. You are also not allowed by law to put any kind of hazardous materials or liquid waste into a skip; this can include asbestos, chemicals, liquid paint, batteries, oils, solvents, compressed gas canisters and bottles, and clinical waste. If you are unsure whether your waste can be put into a skip, simply contact us first and we can give you more detailed advice. If you do have any of the above, we can still collect and dispose of it for you – you just can’t put it into your skip.

Your skip should be filled no higher than level with the top of the sides, otherwise it may not be safe to take away when the time comes. So when it comes to ordering your skip, be realistic when assessing how much waste you think you’ll be creating. As we may not be able to take it away if it is unsafe, you could be stuck with (and paying for) a loaded skip on your driveway, or with the excess waste if it can be removed from the skip.

We offer a range of different time periods in which you can hire your skip for, all of which will discussed at the time of booking. However, if it is going to be kept on the road, you need to make sure your permit covers the full period.

At CSH Environmental, we make every effort to recycle as much of your waste as we can. We’ll take your filled skip to our state-of-the-art recycling facility and waste transfer station, where we’ll sort and separate your waste into separate bins ready to be recycled. We are able to divert roughly 98% of the waste we collect away from landfill, but we are constantly looking for ways to recycle even more. In fact, it’s our aim to divert 100% of the waste we collect away from landfill.

There are a number of things you need to do when preparing for your skip to be delivered:

  • If your skip needs to go on the road and we haven’t arranged a permit for you, make sure one is in place.
  • Let us know of any obstructions that might prevent us delivering your skip to your property.
  • If the skip is to go on your property, ensure there’s a cleared, flat space ready for it to be dropped off.
  • Be courteous and let your neighbours know that you’ll be having a skip, even if it’s not likely to be an inconvenience for them
  • Double check what you can and can’t put into it once you get started

Supporting a range of business types, we aim to recycle 100% of your waste


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