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Intelligent glass waste collection and recycling

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Glass Waste Collection

Both homes and businesses produce tonnes and tonnes of glass waste each year, creating a great need for regular and efficient glass waste collection. Luckily, here at CSH Environmental, we provide just that – an effective glass waste collection service that’s tailored to your precise schedule.

Glass Waste Recycling

Much like food waste, it is paramount that glass disposal is tackled in a manner that’s fit for a greener future – avoiding the usage of the already oversubscribed UK landfills. In keeping with this idea, CSH Environmental puts huge amounts of energy into our glass waste recycling and glass bottle recycling initiatives, ensuring 100% of the glass waste collected from our transfer station is recycled, repurposed and ready to be used again.

Want to know more about the glass collection and recycling service we offer throughout Colchester, Chelmsford, Ipswich? Simply get in touch today, we’re always happy to help.

Supporting a range of business types, we aim to recycle 100% of your waste

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