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Different Types of Trade Waste

When you first look at the website of a specialist waste management company such as CSH Environmental, you may find all the different categories of waste somewhat overwhelming.

After all, isn’t waste just…well, waste?

The short answer is no. As we do everything we can to ensure the waste we produce in our commercial and domestic lives causes as little damage to the environment as possible, different types of waste need to be treated, recycled, reused, incinerated or simply disposed of differently depending on their composition.

One particular category you may be wondering about is trade waste, and what it is about it that distinguishes it from regular domestic waste. So this month the team at CSH will be looking at what is classified as trade waste and the different types of trade waste that need to be managed.



What is trade waste?

Quite simply, trade waste is waste produced through commercial activity, although that can also include premises used for education, sport, entertainment and so on. It will also include waste from domestic premises if you’re carrying out a trade there or running your own business from home.

Domestic waste can usually be separated into three categories – general waste for landfill, recyclable waste and garden waste. Trade waste, on the other hand, can cover a much broader range of materials that need to be handled and processed in many different ways. That can include waste created by everything from medical facilities and industrial plants to chemical factories and sports centres.

That makes the management of trade waste a very specialised business that has to be carried out by suitably qualified and licensed operators.


What are the different types of trade waste?

As mentioned, trade waste can come in many forms, but some of the most common types of trade waste we regularly collect are:

  • Construction & Demolition – including hardcore, rubble, bricks, concrete, ceramic tiles, glass, etc
  • Electrical – including everything from relatively small appliances such as fridges and power tools to large factory machines and air conditioning units
  • Medical – including waste from hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, veterinary practices and dental surgeries
  • Packaging – usually standard recyclable materials such as cardboard, plastics, glass, etc
  • Vehicle – usually hazardous waste such as engine oil, brake fluid, antifreeze and car batteries, but also several recyclables, especially metal
  • Chemical – comprising a wide range of usually hazardous materials, liquids, gases and compounds

By their very nature, some of the above categories are going to include various kinds of hazardous waste, so when choosing a company to manage its disposal, you need to ensure that they are licensed to do so, have the experience to manage the different kinds of waste, and have a good local reputation as a responsible waste management company.

Whatever your business, CSH Environmental has the experience, licences and accreditations to dispose of your waste in an appropriate way that is fully compliant with all legislation, while also ensuring that the minimal amount of your waste ends up in landfill.

To find out more about trade waste or waste collection from CSH Environmental, simply contact our friendly team today.

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