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What happens to Skip Waste?

There are several things to think about when you’re deciding which company to hire a skip from. Cost is inevitably going to be a consideration, as will how fast the skip can be both delivered and taken away again. After all, nobody wants a skip full of rubbish sitting outside their house for any longer than necessary.

Loading skip onto CSH Environmental truck


You might also want to check out any reviews left by previous customers so you can be reassured that the company you might be dealing with is both reliable and trustworthy.

But perhaps the most important thing to find out is what the company will do with what you have put in the skip once they take it away. We’ve all become a lot more aware of the importance of recycling over the last few years, but it can be easy to forget our good intentions if it makes things a bit cheaper or our lives a bit more convenient for us. And if that means turning a blind eye while someone just empties a skip straight into landfill, who’s going to know? Well, in the end, we all will…


Recycling for the Future

At CSH Environmental, we take the environment as seriously as we take providing a comprehensive and reliable skip hire service. That means we do everything we can to ensure your waste doesn’t end up in landfill. So what does happen to the rubbish you throw into a CSH Environmental skip?

When we collect your skip, we take it straight to our state-of-the-art recycling centre and waste transfer station, where we take the time to sort through every piece of waste and separate it all out into a number of different bays, much as would happen at your local household tip.

We deal with a lot of rubbish and last year (2020) that was over 55,000 tonnes of waste. When we say we put as little as possible into landfill, what does that mean in numbers?

Well, in November 2020, we collected over 5,200 tonnes of waste, from wood chip, timber and hardcore to rigid plastic and metal. Of that, approximately 2,950 tonnes (56.4%) went for recycling. Another 2,090 tonnes (40%) was used to create energy – how much better is it to create energy by using waste rather than tipping it into the ground, as opposed to creating energy by taking essential resources out of the ground?

That leaves a little over 188 tonnes (3.6%) that went to landfill. If you’re thinking that 188 tonnes of rubbish going into landfill is 188 tonnes too much, we agree. Our current aim is to put no more than 2% of the waste we collect into landfill, with our ultimate aim being to reduce that to zero. That may sound ambitious, but we’re working every day to make it a reality and we’re hoping to get there sooner rather than later (and we did exactly that in May 2020!).


Responsible Waste Management

If you’re interested in hiring a skip, we have a wide range of waste management options suitable for both domestic and commercial uses. Best of all, skip hire from CSH Environmental confident that we’ll be disposing of your waste in a responsible way. Contact us today for more information.

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