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Skip Hire Vs. Grab Lorry – Which is Better?

When you’re planning a major building or renovation project, one of the most important things you need to consider is how you’re going to get rid of the resulting waste. The best options are usually hiring either a skip or a grab hire truck. 

You may be wondering which is best – and the answer is, understandably, that it depends on the type of job you’re doing and the amount of waste you’ll need to dispose of. Let’s take a look at the differences between the two, and the pros and cons of each.



The difference between using a skip and using a grab truck?

A skip is a large container that you can hire for as long as you need it – you place your waste in it as you go, and when it’s full or your job is complete, your skip hire company comes and takes it away.

Grab hire, on the other hand, involves a truck with a large scoop attached to the back. It makes a single visit to your site, scoops up your waste and places it into the back of the truck, and then takes it away. 


The pros and cons of skip hire

Pros of Skip Hire:

  • Convenience – they are ideal for long-term projects as you can throw your waste in as you go
  • Flexibility – they come in a wide range of sizes suitable for all kinds of jobs
  • Tidiness – they keep all your waste safely in one contained unit until you’re ready for it to be collected

Cons of Skip Hire:

  • Permit – if you have to keep the skip on a public road, then you’ll have to pay for a permit, but we can sort that out for you.
  • Capacity – you’re not allowed to overfill a skip, so if you’ve underestimated the amount of waste, you might have to pay for a second skip

The pros and cons of grab hire

Pros of Grab Hire:

  • Speed – a grab hire truck can enter your site, collect your waste and be gone within half an hour
  • Capacity – grab trucks can generally hold more waste than a skip, so if you’re creating a lot of waste, it may be more cost efficient to hire one grab truck than multiple skips

Cons of Grab Hire:

  • Mess – unless you’re creating and disposing of all your waste in one day, until the grab truck turns up, it will all be lying around on the ground potentially causing a health hazard
  • Lack of flexibility – grab hire is really only suitable for larger jobs over short periods of time 
  • Cost – grab hire trucks are generally pretty big, so if you’re only creating enough waste for a relatively small skip, it will be cheaper to hire one of those than to pay for a truck


Skip Hire from CSH Environmental

While grab hire is undoubtedly a good waste disposal choice for some projects, the extra flexibility that skip hire offers generally makes it the better solution of choice for most users.

As one of the leading waste management companies across the South East, CSH Environmental can help with all your skip hire and waste disposal needs. Our friendly team is always happy to advise as to the best solution for your project, so contact us today to find out more.

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