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Artistic shot of Stadium Seats

How Football Is Helping To Recycle Plastic

Our impact on the environment is of great significance which is why sporting organisers are putting extensive plans in place to make sure future events are more sustainable and enjoyable for generations to come. This makes single-use plastics the number one target for stadiums and football teams, and they are…

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Wind turbine in the high mountains

How To Save Money & Reduce Your Carbon Emissions

With the majority of people seeking out ways to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle, many are turning to eco-friendly solutions and energy saving systems/methods, in order to reduce their carbon emissions. This month, CSH Environmental are offering top tips, tricks and advice to help you on your way with…

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Recycling image plant in a light bulb

Blue Planet UK

Blue Plant UK, a daytime spin-off of David Attenborough’s incredible Blue Planet II, aired last month in an epic, week-long series filled with remarkable, brand new footage and thrilling stories about the trials and tribulations Britain’s marine wildlife are facing. Springwatch presenter Gillian Burke and Countryfile’s Steve Brown hosted the…

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Teacher and school kids illustration.

Fun Recycling Ideas for Your School

Sustainability is the key to securing the planet’s future and that means we must pass on good recycling habits to our children. Where better place to start than in the home or at school? Environmental values don’t have to be a boring sit-down lesson; they are a brilliant opportunity for…

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Empty cans for recycling

Carlsberg is Replacing Plastic Rings with Recyclable Glue

We’ve grown used to the six plastic rings holding our multipacks of canned drink together. However, they could be having their swansong, since Danish brewing giant Carlsberg revealed its plans to replace them with an eco-friendly alternative. What will replace the plastic rings? Recyclable glue will be replacing the 50…

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Blue illustration of UK map

Space Detective Agency Leads War On Waste Crime

Waste crime is a serious issue that affects thousands of people in the UK every year. These range from fly-tipping in rural areas, to illegal waste sites that total hundreds of tonnes of unlicensed household and trade waste. But one company, Air & Space Evidence, from University College London (UCL)…

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CSH Environmental blue bins

Government Mandate On Waste Disposal

When you’re new to trade waste, it can be surprising to learn that you must document the waste that you dispose of. This is part of the legal process of waste disposal that ensures a strong paper trail that is traceable to a source – from waste creation to a…

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CityTree - CSH Environmental

The CityTree Performance Update

With its modern looks and comfortable seating, you’d be forgiven for thinking the CityTree is a good-looking piece of urban furniture. However, it’s much more than that. Designed by the German techs at Green City Solutions, the CityTree is capable of producing the same amount of fresh air as 275…

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