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CSH Environmental Testing Falken RI151 Tyres

CSH Environmental is proud to be testing a new model of tyre on one our Refuse Collection Vehicles (RCVs). It’s a unique opportunity to be putting a prototype tyre through its paces and, if successful could reduce costs by making tyres more dependable. Falken tyres has fitted their RI151 steer axle tyres to one of our Volvo 280/VDKs to test its greater load-bearing capabilities.

What’s new about the Falken tyres?

Falken Tyre RI151 There is a booming demand for greater load bearing tyres. This is because the load of heavy duty vehicles is increasing and tyres must be able to take the extra weight and daily challenges of these tough vehicles. The new RI151 Falken tyres are rated to loads of eight tonnes, which is more than previous models.

Why are CSH the chosen test bed for the tyres?

Unlike some heavy duty trucks and lorries which spend their lives on the motorway, RCVs must be able to travel anywhere that there is refuse to collect. This means that CSH have chosen the fleet’s most challenging route to test the tyres. Driver, Chris Percival, operates the RCV in the historical quarter of Colchester, where narrow streets and double parked cars means the tyres are pushed to the limit.

Why tyre damage is common

CSH keep the recycling centre as clean and tidy as possible, not only to meet environmental legislation but for the safety of our workers, visitors and our equipment. However, working in refuse and recycling collections can expose the tyres of RCVs to glass, sharp building waste, cut up plastics, screws, nails and more.

However, the most common kind of tyre damage is usually inflicted over time. This is caused by the continual mounting and dismounting of kerbs that is necessary to collect waste and keep nearby traffic flowing freely.

This manoeuvre, repeated hundreds of times a month will wear out the tyre sidewall and cause ruptures and punctures that are not economical to fix.

Case in point

The Volvo that Chris drives is used to make 130 collections a day, six days a week. It’s not an old RCV by any means and has only clocked 20,000 miles. But in that time, it’s gotten through 5 drive axle tyres through premature failure due to kerb damage.

CSH are always looking to minimise the downtime of RCVs to keep our service dependable and timely. Therefore, only the best tyres on the market will do. In the six months the Falken tyres have been used, Chris has reported that they are performing well.

Hopefully, this is another major step for CSH in our pursuit to provide the finest waste collection services in Colchester and beyond.

CSH Environmental offer the best waste management and collection services to customers large and small throughout the Colchester, Chelmsford and Ipswich regions. We’re trade waste specialists, offering comprehensive disposal and management packages to a wide variety of commercial clients. We offer trade waste, skip hire, asbestos disposal, RORO skips and aim to recycle 100% of the materials we collect. Contact us today for more information.

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