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Covid 19 – Coronavirus

Dear Customer

Official Update: Link

Covid 19 - Coronavirus

We would like to inform you that CSH Environmental LTD is fully aware and closely monitoring the advice and guidance being issued from local health authorities and the government regarding the current situation and will use this information and implement any action accordingly.

We would like to assure our customers that everything that can be done is being done to ensure that in the event that our staff are affected the impact on services will be minimised as far as possible. If an outbreak does occur then depending on the severity and numbers, it is fair to say some services may well be affected whilst the remaining staff are re-tasked and vehicles and equipment decontaminated.

Unfortunately, like most, we do not have the resources to avoid serious disturbances to staffing levels due to an unprecedented situation and would ask you that if this event was to happen please be patient and give us time to react, we will, of course, keep you informed.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Yours Faithfully

Mark Slade


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