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Business Advice for Waste Disposal in Essex

Essex County Council (ECC) recycling centre does not accept business waste as it is illegal to dispose of business waste at certain sites. This is because businesses must pay a fee to have their waste collected as homeowners do through paying council tax – if business waste were to enter ECC recycling centres it would cost taxpayers more. 

CSH Environmental - waste sorting

What is business waste?

Business waste is any waste that’s produced from a commercial organisation. All waste generated by paid workers will fall into the category of business waste. Business waste can also come from sole traders, one-off services, shops, landlords, factories and listed companies. Even if you offer your services to a homeowner – if you’re a gardener, for example – your waste will be categorised as business waste and is not to be sent to an ECC recycling centre. 

How do I get rid of my business waste?

It’s not all doom and gloom when it comes to business waste management; there are several options to turn to when looking at how to get rid of your business waste. It’s just important to note that businesses need to ensure they are responsibly paying for the waste that it produces.

National waste solutions for businesses:

  • Offices, shops, factories, cafés, restaurants and similar places with their own premises can turn to a local waste management company
  • Another option would be to speak with your local council and ask them to supply you with a trade waste collection service, so you can dispose of your business waste. Depending on how much waste your business produces waste and how often you’ll need business waste removal, you can tailor these to best suit your business – you can do this for both landfill waste and recycling waste.
  • If you’re a tradesman and you’re building an extension, for example, you could opt for commercial skip hire. It’s likely that the waste disposal company you choose will be able to cater to the amount of waste you need to get rid of thanks to varying sizes of skip or simple bulk waste bags if needs be. 
  • If you run a man-in-a-van type of service, you may want to consider using a commercial waste transfer station or a local, licenced waste site – remember to provide your waste carriers registration.

CSH Environmental are trade waste specialists and can offer all customers a range of services to best suit their needs. Our services include:

Unsure of what service your business requires to get rid of waste? Contact CSH Environmental today. We have years of experience within the industry and are here to help, advise and supply excellent services and customer care. Operating throughout Colchester, Chelmsford and Ipswich regions, we provide waste management services to both large and small businesses.

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