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How To Save Money & Reduce Your Carbon Emissions

Wind turbine in the high mountains

With the majority of people seeking out ways to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle, many are turning to eco-friendly solutions and energy saving systems/methods, in order to reduce their carbon emissions. This month, CSH Environmental are offering top tips, tricks and advice to help you on your way with your carbon reduction mission. 

How to save money and reduce your carbon emissions

  • Hang your washing – in the summer it’s important to hang out your washing instead of using your tumble drier. Tumble driers are electricity hungry machines, so when you do use them in winter, use the highest spin cycle on your washing machine to ensure your clothes are as dry as possible before popping them into the tumble drier.

If you do not have a washing line:

  • Keep your tumble drying room well ventilated, this will stop it from overheating.
  • Only use it when you have a full load.
  • Let it complete its cycle, do not keep opening and closing to add more
  • Fasten up your bedsheets, to prevent socks from getting caught and remaining damp.
  • Turn your heating down – even if you turn your thermostat down by 1 degree, you can save upto 8% of your typical energy consumption.
  • Don’t boil excess wateronly boil the amount of water you really need, and the less water you boil, the quicker you can make a cup of tea or hot water bottle – so who is the real winner?
  • Time your showersspend less time in the shower, reducing your 10 minute by even just one minute would save on energy and on your bills. If more and more people did this, the minutes saved would quickly add up.
  • Turn off electricalsswitch off your TV fully, this’ll save 5kg of CO2 each year. Same goes for all other electrical equipment that you aren’t currently using.

Energy based technology systems

  • Energy saving light bulbs – halogen light bulbs, LED light bulbs, compact fluorescent lamps
  • Thermostatic radiator valves – place on your radiators to control and reduce the temperature, to help maintain a comfortable environment and reduce the energy being used
  • Hot water tank insulation – tanks without insulation lose a significant percentage of heat, so to ensure they’re working at maximum efficiency, keep it well insulated. A jacket for a hot water tank costs around £15 and installation is very straightforward, what’s more, you will enjoy the benefits for years to come. This will keep your hot water, hotter for longer.
  • Cavity walls – up to 35% of heat loss comes from the walls of your home, so to retain as much heat as possible and to make your home more energy efficient, think about the installation of cavity walls. Cavity walls are hollow and usually made from brick or cinder blocks and work to better insulate buildings. Cavity walls are cheap, quick to install and help to reduce your energy bills.
  • Loft insulationlike cavity walls, loft insulation is a great way to retain heat in your home, especially since heat is lost through walls, roofs and windows. There are many types of loft insulation materials to choose from including: cellulose, fibreglass and mineral rock. 
  • Replace old fridges and freezers – if your fridge isn’t working to its full capacity, it is likely that energy is being wasted. If it is not getting as cold as it should, check to see your fridge lights are working, move the fridge’s temperature gauge, clean out the air vents, vacuum the coils at the back of the system. If it’s still not working and it is old, chances are you’re in need of a new fridge. Take your old one to your local waste management experts and dispose of your old fridge and freezer responsibly.
  • Replace old boilersolder boilers, around 10-15 years old, typically work at 60%-70% efficiency. Which means it takes more energy to heat up water and your home. A new boiler will offer a much better efficiency, which means you’ll be getting what you pay for, make savings along the way and help to save the planet bit by bit. Again, be sure to correctly get rid of your old boiler by speaking with your local professionals. 

CSH Environmental offer a wide variety of services including trade waste, skip hire, roll on roll off, waste management and recycling services. For more information about who we are and how we can help you, get in touch today. We provide our services to customers throughout Colchester, Ipswich, Chelmsford and the surrounding areas

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