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Carlsberg is Replacing Plastic Rings with Recyclable Glue

We’ve grown used to the six plastic rings holding our multipacks of canned drink together. However, they could be having their swansong, since Danish brewing giant Carlsberg revealed its plans to replace them with an eco-friendly alternative.

What will replace the plastic rings?

Recyclable glue will be replacing the 50 years old technology of the plastic rings, known in the industry as ‘hi-cones’ or ‘yokes’. Carlsberg are phasing in their new ‘snap packs’ and claim the move will reduce plastic use in the six pack of larger by 76%.

Over their lifetime, hi-cones have become controversial, with protesters against plastic pollution and marine conservationists leading the charge. Despite there being documented evidence of deformities to marine reptiles, fish and mammals since the 1970s caused directly by hi-cones, a common alternative has never come to the fore.

Where can I purchase the new snap packs?

These eco-friendly, fully recyclable packs will initially be available in a number of Tesco stores in the UK.

The cans now come in four, six and eight packs. Rather than have a single piece of material hold the cans together, each can in the snap pack has 1-3 blobs of glue which attaches it to the adjoining can.

When the desired can is pulled from the pack, the ‘snap’ is audible, which gives the pack its name. The glue can be recycled alongside the aluminium can. The glue is also designed to withstand a range of temperatures to make it as versatile as the last incarnation.

The glue has been tested to cover the transportation, cold storage and even hot temperatures like you might find in a car boot in the heat of summer.

How about other drinks?

At the moment, the snap pack model is only available with Carlsberg Export. However, the brewer is going to roll out the same snap packs to its entire drinks portfolio in the future, including Tuborg and San Miguel.

It’s hoped the move will produce a domino effect with other manufacturers following suit as consumers get wise to the importance of environmentally friendly products, and the ease of switching to these products.

According to Carlsberg’s estimates of its own plastic use, this move alone will reduce the global plastic waste problem by 1,200 tonnes per year. This equates to 60m plastic bags.

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