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Material Change Launches ‘Recycle Your Electricals’ Campaign

Introducing the Recycle Your Electricals campaign to divert old and unused electricals from landfill or incinerators throughout the UK, Material Change (formerly known as the WEEE fund) have been working tirelessly to promote and encourage households to stop throwing electrical goods into their normal bin.

Material Change Launches ‘Recycle Your Electricals’ Campaign

Why and how can Material Change improve electrical recycling?

Funding technical research on how far we can reuse and recycle old electrical equipment has been the first step into exploring the new ways in which we can approach electrical recycling in future, with the aim to make this process easily accessible to households. 

The organisation has launched a website to kickstart householders into finding simple answers, like ‘where’s my nearest electrical recycling point?’. Not only does this make our lives easier but it helps to lessen our carbon footprint and reminds us to do our part in looking after the planet.  

The initiative also wants to inform householders about the recycling process of electrical goods and explain that what we may consider to be rubbish, is actually valuable metals that can be transformed into something new and useful. 

With many places on reduced opening hours or completely shut, lockdown has given homeowners the opportunity to declutter their homes. In anticipation, Material Change is working hard to prevent people from putting electricals in the bin by educating and encouraging them to put unwanted electricals to one side, ready to go to the local recycling centre once they reopen. 

Information regarding the development of reuse and recycling amenities will be further communicated later on in 2020. 

More about who Material Change (WEEE fund) are

Material Change is a not-for-profit organisation and was established by the Joint Trade Association (JTA) to manage the spend of the cash which was generated through WEEE Compliance Fee mechanism. 

‘Recycle Your Electricals’ announced that they will invest in WEEE recycling and kerbside collections, and other organisations that promote reuse of electricals. Funding will also be put towards research that steers innovative ideas and solutions that will improve the efficiency of electrical recycling.

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