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Fun Recycling Ideas for Your School

Teacher and school kids illustration.

Sustainability is the key to securing the planet’s future and that means we must pass on good recycling habits to our children. Where better place to start than in the home or at school? Environmental values don’t have to be a boring sit-down lesson; they are a brilliant opportunity for kids to learn by doing, making, creating and using their brain to learn why waste management is so critical to safeguarding their favourite places in the world. Why Recycle? Whenever you are about to throw something away, think about the following ideas and you’ll soon realise that recycling is a healthy…

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Blue Recyclable Bags for Colchester

CSH logo

Colchester County Council is going green by voting blue. The decision has been made to dispose of recyclable materials in the region using transparent blue plastic bags. The County Council approved a second and final reading of the ‘Solid Waste Bylaw’ that will introduce blue bags as a mandatory part of recycling using the council’s services. This is welcome news to Colchester locals who, in the past, have been keen to recycle but found the two types of transparent bag confusing. Fact File Colchester County Council collects refuse and recyclable material from 16,561 discrete homes and 371 flat blocks and tenements…

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The CityTree Performance Update

With its modern looks and comfortable seating, you’d be forgiven for thinking the CityTree is a good-looking piece of urban furniture. However, it’s much more than that. Designed by the German techs at Green City Solutions, the CityTree is capable of producing the same amount of fresh air as 275 trees. It also takes up 1% of the space that would be needed by hundreds of trees in an urban park. How does the CityTree work? The CityTree uses 1,682 pots of specially selected mosses that are particularly well suited to removing pollutants and particulate matter (PM) from the urban air….

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CSH Environmental LTD News & Resources

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As waste management experts, the team at CSH Environmental work extremely hard to stay on top of news, developments and industry trends in the waste management sector, all so we can continue to deliver an exceptional service to all of our clients throughout the Colchester, Chelmsford and Ipswich regions. Since our motto is “Recycling for the Future” and our ultimate aim is to achieve zero to landfill, we want the contents to reflect this, and also to demonstrate how we are going about achieving the goal that we’ve set yourself. Also, we’ll be using our blog to help you, the reader,…

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