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Environment Agency Warns Car Recycling Operators

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Environment Agency Warns Car Recycling Operators

A lot of used cars in the junkyard

CSH Environmental don’t recycle vehicles but we have an appreciation for the specialist recyclers that do and the challenges they face This summer a number of fires at vehicle recycling sites prompted the Environment Agency to warn operators of the importance of having a fire prevention plan (FPP) in place, especially during the hot weather we’ve been enjoying recently. At CSH Environmental, our fire prevention plans are regularly reviewed and staff understand the importance of adhering to policies to ensure the safety of themselves and the local air quality. The downside to such rigorous fire prevention planning is that it often…

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Carlsberg is Replacing Plastic Rings with Recyclable Glue

Empty cans for recycling

We’ve grown used to the six plastic rings holding our multipacks of canned drink together. However, they could be having their swansong, since Danish brewing giant Carlsberg revealed its plans to replace them with an eco-friendly alternative. What will replace the plastic rings? Recyclable glue will be replacing the 50 years old technology of the plastic rings, known in the industry as ‘hi-cones’ or ‘yokes’. Carlsberg are phasing in their new ‘snap packs’ and claim the move will reduce plastic use in the six pack of larger by 76%. Over their lifetime, hi-cones have become controversial, with protesters against plastic pollution…

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Space Detective Agency Leads War On Waste Crime

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Waste crime is a serious issue that affects thousands of people in the UK every year. These range from fly-tipping in rural areas, to illegal waste sites that total hundreds of tonnes of unlicensed household and trade waste. But one company, Air & Space Evidence, from University College London (UCL) is offering a pioneering service that uses aerial and space photography to tackle waste crimes. With an archive of current and historical photographs totaling millions of pictures covering the entire globe, Air & Space Evidence are able to investigate high priority illegal waste disposal. How does it work? Archived satellite data…

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Government Mandate On Waste Disposal

When you’re new to trade waste, it can be surprising to learn that you must document the waste that you dispose of. This is part of the legal process of waste disposal that ensures a strong paper trail that is traceable to a source – from waste creation to a reputable recycling and processing plant. A large part of the documentation process is the classification of your waste. Here, we’re looking at ways to make waste classification easy. Why should waste be classified? Put simply, by classifying your waste you help waste disposal experts like CSH Environmental decide what to do…

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Tips on how to reduce & reuse in Colchester

If you are burning to do your bit for the environment and go the extra mile, then you’ll love our reduce and reuse tips. Remember, there’s so much more to recycling and reusing materials than simply depositing them in the correct colour wheelie bin. You can use your imagination and creativity to bring about a cleaner, greener future for everyone. Avoid disposable goods This comes under both the reduce and reuse categories, as avoiding single-use items such as disposable cutlery, pens and razors will significantly improve your carbon footprint. Instead buy reusable versions of these items and collectively we’ll begin to…

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Martin Goss Speaks Out About Colchester Cultural Quarter

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A senior Lib Dem has made interesting comments about the continued criticism by locals of plans for Colchester’s new ‘cultural quarter’. Addressing his letter to the Daily Gazette, Martin Goss attacked the alleged “misinformation” being touted by “clueless far left Labour-Corbyn activists”. The dispute has erupted over the planned construction of more than 300 student flats and the concerns over plans put forward to replace the bus station near Queen Street, Colchester. Mr Goss had this to say, “It’s time to set straight the misinformation being peddled by some clueless far left Labour Corbyn activists about the proposed Alumno project next…

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